NBI Application FAQ

Q: When I try to enter the site or submit an item the page doesn't appear to do anything after I click 'Submit'.  What's the problem?

A: Sometimes when there's a bad internet connection the page will appear to freeze for a few seconds.  Try waiting for up to 30 seconds before hitting 'submit' again.  If it continues to be a problem, try submitting when you have a better connection.  If Wifi access is slow, you can try turning Wifi off and using the cell signal and vice versa.


Q: I enter my email to log into the site, but it says I don't have a valid email

A: We validate entry to the site with the list of State Council emails we have on file.  Please use the same email address that you have previously provided CTA.


Q: Can I access the NBI application (to submit or view NBI listings) from a computer as well as from my phone in the CTA Go! app?

A: Yes, you can.  You can access the web page at the following URL: https://nbi.cta.org


Q: Will I be sent any emails from the system if I submit an NBI?

A: Yes you will receive both a confirmation email immediately after you submit, and also you will receive an email when the NBI is referred somewhere (eg to a Committee or the Board or for Immediate Action).